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Why WhereBy.Us

When was the last time you saw a millennial reading a newspaper?

The next generation of locals doesn’t engage with traditional media or marketing channels. They do engage with us, every single day, through meaningful products and experiences that build lasting relationships, like our daily email newsletters, award-winning digital storytelling, and events that delight and inform.

WhereBy.Us is a media platform that helps locals make the most of their cities. We create conversation, drive engagement, and build community through our growing network of local brands, with impactful storytelling online and IRL, innovative technology that drives competitive results, and a whole lot more listening and audience insight than a typical agency or media outlet. Want to reach the next generation of local leaders and trend-setters in the fastest-growing cities in America? We’ve got you.

Our Story

Getting plugged into a fast-growing city is hard. Becoming a local is even harder.

Millions of people are putting down new roots in changing cities and they need help making the most of local experiences, from finding the best tacos to making sense of their local ballots.

We immerse ourselves with hundreds of locals every day to understand and address this need. Local journalism solved this for a former generation, but the system is broken. So we’re making something different — media and experience that is created by and with locals, not just for them.

Here's How We Do It

How we create connections for local changemakers, adventurers, and leaders:

Our daily newsletter is a cheat sheet to the city that curates news, events, places to go, and people to know for young professionals.

Our video series and guides help locals learn and explore their cities.

Our events get people together to explore and celebrate local places and organizations that matter where they live.

Through everything we do, we invite to exploration and discovery. We’re the friend who knows what’s going on and where to hang out, the trusted partner who’s ready to tackle a problem.

Today, we do this work in 4 cities around the country—Miami, Orlando, Seattle, and Portland—and more are on the way.

Who We Are

Our email newsletters are read more than 300,000 times each month, by engaged locals who take action through our work.

of our users are between ages 18 and 44

regularly patronize local events or businesses

live or work in the urban core of their city

We reach more than 1.7 million locals each month on social channels through original video series, journalism projects like neighborhood and voter guides, and our community programming.

How We Can Help

Organizations work with us to build lasting connections in the city. Here’s why:

  1. 90% of millennials report that they’ll buy from a brand and recommend it to friends if they trust its social and business practices.
  2. We get locals talking about you, keeping you top of mind. We help locals get to know your brand beyond the surface, connecting with your vision and role in our community.
  3. We start every project by listening, helping you understand the locals you serve and ensuring everything we make is designed for specific, measurable ROI.
  4. That creates the enduring relationships that power return customers and thriving business.

Our Clients

“During the early days of legalizing ridesharing in Miami, we set a goal to build meaningful awareness and relationships with Miami’s active, engaged locals. Traditional marketing doesn’t do much for that, so we worked with WhereBy.Us to build a unique program of neighborhood guides and events that did. The result was relationships and goodwill that are still paying dividends for Lyft.”

—Jeren Miles Deputy Director, Community Affairs at Lyft

Our work

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